NONCE IN SPACE | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 15

//NONCE IN SPACE | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 15

NONCE IN SPACE | Extraaa Biscuits – the podcast ep. 15

This episode, Sherryl Blu is on a new, LOUDER mic (run for cover) and she is joined by DJ Kaylee Kay and comedian; Brandon Palmer for just under an hour of entertaining discussion!

The trio kick off with thoughts on Kevin Spacey and whether his career should end, that bollocks apology, him allegedly checking into rehab and whether any sympathy should be had for him.

The subject of nudes came up and it emerged that Brandon DOES NOT like to look at the pussy when going down but doesn’t mind being approached by women whilst Kaylee is happy to do the approaching.

Once again it’s another juicy, raw and unfiltered instalment that will leave you cracking up and raising an eyebrow at the same damn time!
It also got quite animated in parts so beware of the microphone pops!

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As always, if you’re easily offended and/or judgmental, this podcast is NOT for you!

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