Would You Rather? | #ExBiscuitsPod | 005

//Would You Rather? | #ExBiscuitsPod | 005

Would You Rather? | #ExBiscuitsPod | 005

This episode of Would You Rather is probably the most hilarious so far!

With subliminals flying everywhere and a distraught story of feminine hygiene from Savage Nick, this instalment will leave you choking for air!

WUR questions include:

– One for the guys: Would you rather have the smallest micro penis or the biggest man boobs?

– Would you rather have sex with someone that doesn’t shower or someone that doesn’t brush their teeth?

– Would you rather have your parents catch you having sex or you catch them having sex?

The episode is NSFW so proceed with caution, fling in your headphones or keep the volume low…you have been warned!!!

[Disclaimer; Not suitable for the easily offended and/or judgemental].

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