Percy Pig doughnuts for the win!

//Percy Pig doughnuts for the win!

Percy Pig doughnuts for the win!

Yep, I am totally here for this disgustingly sweet, calorie laden pink mound of naughtiness!

If you know me, then you will know that I do like to indulge in a bag of Percy Pigs once in a while, so imagine my internal glee when I discovered that there is now a doughnut version of a firm fave?

I’m talking, taste buds…cartwheels…back flips..

And yeah it is that deep!

So the Percy Pig doughnut, affectionately nicknamed; the Notorious P.I.G cannot be purchased in store as one would initially presume given the Percy Pigs are exclusive to M&S but rather, comes courtesy of Doughnut Time – an Australian doughnut shop pitched up right here in London.

So whatagwaarn fe dis yah doughnut den?

Well, simply put, it’s a ring doughnut with an iced pink glaze, pink icing, strawberry buttercream, silver and pink balls and of course, the piste de resistance…two Percy Pigs perched tantalisingly on top!

Yum frikkin yum!

I’m not gonna lie to ya, my mouth is literally watering at the thought of this pink delight sashaying seductively towards my expectant mouth but, I must confess, I have one concern….

Will the taste live up to my expectation or is this a classic case of, ‘looks better than it tastes’?


So, what now?

To doughnut, or not to doughnut?

That is genuinely the question!

And whilst I decide, I will be mulling over the Doughnut Time menu to see what other sugary, carby rings of satisfaction I can include in my future order because there absolutely 100 million per cent, WILL be a future order!

I’ll keep you posted…*wink*


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