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Hi I’m Sherryl. I am an accomplished writer, presenter and audio artist.

I am currently studying for a degree in Psychology.

I am a sex-positive, passionate individual with a lot to say about practically everything.

Having previously held down chat and music based shows on Bang (now known as The Beat) and WestsideFM, these days I can be heard on two of my podcasts; Hit the Clock and Tea & Biscuits.

The truth is, I love to talk; I am fond of sharing and I am devoted to exploring the taboo.

I adore writing stories, erotic and otherwise, and I do so with ease – my imagination is wild!

I have a sex, health & lifestyle blog too. It’s called Tinted Blu. On it you can expect to find opinion pieces, facts, naughty stories and much more.

Engaging with people, comes naturally to me which is why I’m equally at home chatting to a camera, a microphone or a panel of people. For this reason, you’ll often find me channelling my thoughts through IGTV, YouTube and TikTok videos too!

I am definitely on a crazy journey of creating, rediscovery, education, entertainment and much more…